Safety Risk Management

Managing hazards at work

Safety risk management is about managing the things that could possibly hurt people (hazards) at work in a considered and diligent manner. It involves identifying the hazards in your work environment, and then ensuring that you apply relevant legislative requirements and acknowledged safety precautions for managing those hazards.

Management Obligations

Those people who have management responsibilities in a business  have legislated obligations to ensure that they give due diligence to managing the hazards of the business. These obligations effectively exist in both the OSH Act 1984 (the current WA OSH legislation), and in the Work Health and Safety Act (the current legislation for Commonwealth agencies and soon to be applicable for all WA businesses). Implementing sound safety risk management practices goes a substantial way to fulfilling these obligations.

Sound safety risk management involves undertaking risk assessment for operations in a manner that provides effective hazard management, meets legislated requirements and provides clear documented evidence of considered thought in managing work hazards. To achieve this risk management must incorporate the following elements:

  • consultation with operational workers
  • use of relevant methods to identify hazards
  • compliance with regulatory requirements
  • consideration of safety guidance material and common industry standards
  • maintenance of up to date valid risk management documents

Safety risk registers (a log of work hazards and their associated controls) and documented risk assessments (assessment of hazards associated with a particular operation) are the most common and effective methods used to comply with  risk management requirements.

Our Services

Franklyn Work Safety provide safety risk management services in Perth, and regional Western Australia.

We work with our clients to help them manage work risks in a manner that will provide effective, auditable and legislatively compliant hazard management.

  • Safety risk register development and maintenance
  • Safety risk assessment development and maintenance
  • Facilitation of safety risk assessment workshops
  • Monitoring/reminders of scheduled risk assessment review dates set in liaison with our clients
  • Safety risk management education sessions

All services are delivered by consultants qualified in health and safety management. Providing our clients with expertise to facilitate legislative compliance and “due diligence” in applying safety risk management in their business.

Download the Safety Risk Brochure

Download the Safety Risk Management Brochure as a PDF

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