Worksite and Ergonomic Assessments

Work injury prevention and management strategies

Ergonomic and worksite assessments are important work injury prevention and management strategies.  Used proactively, ergonomic and worksite assessments prevent injuries and compensation claims. Occasions when ergonomic and worksite assessments may be used include:

  • for staff who have an injury or condition that is impacting/or may impact upon their ability to work;
  • to clarify suitable duties for staff who have medical restrictions not expressed in a meaningful way for the workplace ;
  • to complement early intervention programs;
  • for new staff;
  • for events such as Safe Work Week;
  • for staff who have moved or changed job roles; and
  • following workplace refits.

Ergonomic Assessments

An Ergonomic Assessment evaluates the fit between an individual and their workstation, to ensure it is set up in a way that will present minimum risk to the employee’s health and wellbeing. Ergonomic assessments may also be conducted with vehicles, to assess and adjust the fit with the driver.

Worksite Assessments

A Worksite Assessment includes assessment of ergonomic factors and examines broader issues as well, including suitability of work duties, and ways of modifying work demands to minimize risk to the employee and the business.

Management Obligations

‘General duty of care’ and ‘general duties’ are terms used to refer to the obligations that Health and Safety legislation places upon employers. Under these ‘general duties’ employers must provide: a workplace where workers are not exposed to hazards as far as practicable;  a safe system of work; and  information, instruction, training and supervision to workers so they can work in a safe manner.

Worksite and Ergonomic Assessments are a common and effective strategy used by businesses, as part of their safe systems of work to manage hazards that may contribute to musculoskeletal injury. They are a significant management action in meeting ‘general duty of care’ obligations.

Our Services

Franklyn Work Safety specializes in non-compensable injury prevention and management.  We provide worksite and ergonomic assessment services in Perth, and regional Western Australia. Our services include:

  • individual and group assessments;
  • ergonomic assessment education sessions;
  • reports and data to facilitate evaluation of worksite and ergonomic assessments, and executive level communication.

We  aim to utilise existing equipment, and in circumstances in which alternative equipment is required, we make your purchasing easy by providing you with potential supplier options.

All worksite and ergonomic assessments are undertaken Registered Occupational Therapists.

For information on our Workstation Set-up training sessions – see Workstation Set-up Training – Info Sheet – 2019

For a guide to setting up your workstation, download our Workstation Set-up Guide

For a guide that focuses on setting up your chair, download our Chair Set-up Guide 

For a guide to ergonomics for driving, download our FWS – Driving Ergonomics Guide

For ideas to increase physical activity and posture change at work – FWS – Get Active at Work Info Sheet

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Download the Ergonomic and worksite assessments Brochure as a PDF

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