Worksite and Ergonomic Assessments

Work injury prevention and management strategies

  • for staff who have an injury or condition that is impacting/or may impact upon their ability to work;
  • to clarify suitable duties for staff who have medical restrictions not expressed in a meaningful way for the workplace ;
  • to complement early intervention programs;
  • for new staff;
  • for events such as Safe Work Week;
  • for staff who have moved or changed job roles; and
  • following workplace refits.

Ergonomic Assessments

Our Occupational Therapists undertake individual and group ergonomic assessments; Standard assessments (approx 45 minutes) – generally for people with symptoms/conditions that are relevant to desk based work; and Brief Assessments (approx 20 minutes)  – generally for people who just want to get their workstation as comfortable as it can be.

Worksite Assessments

Our worksite assessments involve the analysis of work tasks, the work environment and the capability of the employee to perform his/her work based on their current status and with consideration of their injury/issue. We aim to find practical improvements in work method or equipment to achieve the best fit between the worker and their job.

Book a Franklyn WS Assessment

To book an Ergonomic Assessment email or call 0422 480 697
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