Workplace Aggression Management

Managing Workplace Aggression 

Aggression in the workplace is a serious hazard that needs to be managed in a considered and diligent manner. Regardless of the source of aggression, be it client aggression or from others, it is vital that relevant legislative requirements and acknowledged safety precautions for managing workplace aggression are applied.

Our Services

Franklyn Work Safety provide workplace aggression management services in Perth, and regional Western Australia. We specialise in services designed to minimise the impacts of aggression from non-employees toward employees.

We work with our clients to help them provide effective, auditable and legislatively compliant workplace aggression management. Our services include:

  • Workplace aggression risk assessments
  • Workplace aggression management system audits
  • Workplace aggression management system desktop audits
  • Workplace aggression management policy and procedure development
  • Workplace aggression management training

All workplace aggression management services are delivered by Principal Consultant Peter Franklyn, whose substantial experience of working in health, community services, and corrections has provided him with significant expertise in the area.

Useful Resources and References

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