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Health and safety management

All organisations must comply with prescribed  health and safety requirements and apply reasonably practicable risk management to things of potential harm in the workplace. It’s generally the role of the person tasked with coordinating health and safety for the organisation to identify applicable prescribed health and safety requirements, and to guide what constitutes reasonably practicable risk controls when actions aren’t prescribed by regulation. To achieve this, it’s vital that both suitable expertise, and adequate time is dedicated to performing the job.

For some organisations, particularly those in mining and construction, the major hazard environment means that health and safety demands attention and receives considerable investment. For other organisations health and safety requirements often sit quietly in the background, afforded minimal time and expertise,  unfortunately only receiving the necessary attention when it is too late ie. when an incident occurs or a Regulator makes enquiries (this is an expensive way to manage safety!).

Management Obligations

All organisations need to ensure they coordinate the management of health and safety, an obligation that rests clearly upon the employer ie. the person in control of the business or undertaking. This means ensuring both suitable expertise, and adequate time is dedicated to managing health and safety. This may be achieved by internally resourced positions, by engaging consultants to take on the task, or by a mix of both ie. engaging consultant support where needed to assist the internal people tasked with performing the job.

Our Services

Franklyn Work Safety provides cost effective and practical packages. We can lead your safety management, or simply assist and support you in the job. We specialize in providing health and safety consultant services for the following:

  • organisations where the health and safety coordinator role is part of a broader role eg. human resources or business support staff;
  • organisations that require additional health and safety staffing or expertise.

A basic health and safety consultant package is delivered over a six month period, it begins with a planning session to identify gaps and discuss what it is you hope to achieve with our involvement. Following this we commence service delivery which may be onsite and/or offsite project work. All packages include standard business hours email and phone support with one of our health and safety professionals.

The services delivered during the onsite visit and/or offsite project work time are negotiated with our clients, examples include:

  • attendance at team meetings/OSH Committee meetings;
  • reviewing and development of OSH procedures and processes;
  • coordinating inspections, OSH committees, SHR elections;
  • development of safe operating procedures;
  • worksite and ergonomic assessments;
  • completing hazard inspections;
  • completing incident investigations;
  • facilitating risk assessments;
  • drafting of internal health and safety communiques;
  • undertaking injury data analysis;
  • OSH improvement plan development.

Close collaboration with our clients is always desirable, but we also recognise that sometimes you engage a consultant primarily to ease internal demands. We cater to both client needs.



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