Health and Safety Training

Customised Training

We provide on site small group health and safety training, with sessions tailored to our clients needs. Training topics include:

  • Safety Risk Management for Managers
  • Manual Handling and Back Care
  • Client Aggression Prevention and Management
  • Health and Safety Induction Training
  • Standard Workstation Set-up Training
  • Conducting a Basic Workstation Assessment
  • Standard Workstation Set-up Training + Brief Assessment


All training is delivered by consultants who are qualified in the topic they are delivering ie. injury management related topics are delivered by Allied Health qualified consultants, and safety risk management related topics are delivered by health and safety qualified consultants .

Download our Health and Safety Induction Checklist for Employees, a simple checklist designed to conform to relevant WorkSafe Plan Assessment elements – FWS – Health and Safety Induction – Employees

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