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Working from home (also referred to as Telecommuting) is an increasingly popular request in workplaces. It’s an arrangement that can have substantial benefits for both the worker and the business. Benefits such as reduced operating costs, reduced absenteeism, retention of skilled staff, reduced travel time and improved work life balance for your work force.

Management Obligations

Where a working from home arrangement is entered into, the areas of the property relevant to the work effectively become a ‘workplace’ for legal purposes, and thus health and safety requirements need to be considered by the workers management. Relevant Health and Safety Regulations must be met, and other foreseeable risks must be managed as far as is reasonably practicable. Factors to consider include:

  • fire safety requirements
  • entry points,
  • internal and external walkways
  • workstation ergonomics
  • electrical safety requirements
  • communication processes

To meet Health and Safety obligations, the employer should undertake assessment of the working from home site prior to commencing a working from home arrangement. The assessment should be conducted by a “competent person”, and identified risks managed as far as reasonably practicable. Additionally, if the arrangement is to be ongoing, review processes need to be put in place.

Our Services

Franklyn Work Safety provides Working From Home Services to facilitate our clients meeting their Health and Safety obligations, and to minimise the risk of worker injury. Our services include:

  • Advisory in determining your organisations Working From Home procedures
  • Initial assessments
  • Review assessments
  • Monitoring of review assessment schedules set in liaison with our clients
  • Working from Home education sessions

All services are delivered by consultants qualified in both health and safety management, and ergonomic assessment. Providing our clients with expertise to facilitate legislative compliance, and “due diligence” in managing working from home risks.

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