Developing a School Health and Safety Risk Register

Developing a health and safety risk register, helps you systematically and efficiently consider your school’s management of the things that could harm students and staff.

The Franklyn Work Safety Method

Initially FWS help you identify your school’s OSH Risks through:

  • Analysis of school injury and first aid records;
  • Identifying applicable OSH legislative requirements;
  • the requirements of the School Registration Standards; and
  • Drawing on common OSH risks in school environments as identified by Franklyn Work Safety from 15 years of education-based OSH risk work.

The process above is generally undertaken through phone and email consultation between Franklyn Work Safety and a key member of school staff. Sometimes, a campus inspection is also a part of the process.

The next step involves a workshop held with some key members of school management. The purpose of the workshop is to genuinely discuss and consider how your school manages the risks. Additionally, your school’s risk management is compared against:

  • the requirements of the School Registration Standards;
  • legislated OSH requirements, and
  • common practices across schools.

The workshop is structured so that a Risk Register is created as the workshop progresses.

At the end of the process you’re provided with your School’s OSH Risk Register that gives you:

  • a prioritised list of risk management gaps and recommended actions;
  • a clear picture of the current health of your school’s OSH risk management; and
  • an excellent governance document that can be used on an ongoing basis e.g. for informing school council and auditors about your OSH risk management.