Fit with 6 Minutes of Exercise per Week

There’s a growing body of evidence that 6 minutes of high intensity exercise per week may well achieve much of what the recommended 30 minutes most days offers eg. weight loss, increased endurance, lowered blood pressure.

Which half baked info-mercial channel is spruiking this trumped up claim? – just the University of New South Wales and the Victoria University to name a couple.

Given lack of time is the number one reason people put forward for not exercising this could really open doors. It throws up a much more palatable “during work time option” than your average 45 minute exercise class. Something that could be a key strategy to try and counter the sedentary nature of so many jobs.

In short the regime is as follows:

  • 30 seconds of maximum effort (eg. running or riding), followed by ~4 minute rests between each effort
  • Repeat 3 x per week

For references and to watch the episode of the ABCs Catalyst program about it, go to the ABC page on this exact topic  -click here.