Cordless Palm Router

$15.00 (ex GST)

You are about to download a Safe Work Procedure that covers safe work instructions, hazards and required personal protective equipment for an Cordless Palm Router.

The SWP has been developed by Qualified Safety Professionals to facilitate compliance, and proofed by Occupational Therapists to ensure it has easy readability (ie. they are suitable for people with a reading age of 12 years old and above).

The SWP is ideal as a training aid, providing clear instruction as to what must be done to use the equipment safely. The SWP uses large clear fonts and design layout so they can be easily read when displayed in a work shop. It is fully editable using Word when changes are required.


Save time and improve your safety compliance by using our easily downloaded safe work procedures (SWP) in your school or workplace. Key features include:

  • Readability – each procedure is proofed by Occupational Therapists using the Flesch-Kincaid Readability Test to ensure it will be easily understood by the average 12 year old. The average adult in Australia has a reading age ability of a 13 year old. Most Safe Work Procedures found in work places require a Year 11 reading age ability (eg. same as Time Magazine).
  • Safety compliance – developed by accredited safety auditors with reference to relevant instruction material and in consultation with machine operators.
  • Display Effectiveness – design and graphics crafted to facilitate easy reading when posted in a workshop.
  • Fully editable using Word for when changes are required


SWP Purchase Agreement

This purchase allows unlimited use and reproduction of the safe work procedure/s:

  • at one business address; and
  • for operations that are directly related to that business address (eg. off site activities).

For use or reproduction outside the circumstances included in this agreement please contact Franklyn Work Safety at


Review is a must

The SWP you are about to purchase must be reviewed by a person who is a competent user of the relevent equipment/machine, and edited if needed to ensure it is suited to the equipment/machine where it is to be used.

NOTE: you will need Microsoft Word on your device to edit Franklyn Work Safety SWPs. Use words with minimal syllables to maintain easy readability level.


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