WHS Training for Managers – Key Topics by the WorkSafe Plan Assessment

WHS Manager training is a vital mechanism for bringing a health and safety management system to life. If managers and supervisors don’t know what their WHS roles and responsibilities are, the best written procedures will not translate to action, and Duties will not be met. As such, Audit tools such as the WorkSafe Plan Assessment invariably set-out certain content that really must be communicated to Managers, and  WHS manager training is an obvious place where much of that content should be. Here are the key topics required or recommended by the WorkSafe Plan Assessment for inclusion in WHS training for managers:

  • WHS Legislation – Key Duty Holders (Indicator 1.4)
  • The organisation’s WHS Policy (Indicator 1.2)
  • WHS risk management overview (Indicator 4.1, 4.5)
  • General information and the role of Managers in:
    • Communication, Consultation and the Issue Resolution Process (Indicator 3.2, 5.2)
    • Hazard and Incident Reporting (Indicator 4.7)
    • The key procedures for managing key ongoing WHS risks (Indicator 4.1)
    • WHS Risk Management for ad-hoc risks (Indicator 4.1)

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