New Guide to Managing Contractors

Using contractors is something that many organisations have to deal with. Whether it be the tradesperson coming in for small jobs, or substantial services and works, the engagement of contractors presents health and safety risks that require management. The exact management that’s required though tends to be a grey area, with the main Sections of the OSH Act 1984 that relate to contractors (S.19 and 23D) general, and guidance material often complex.

Franklyn Work Safety has recently published a 2 page guide that sets out an approach for contractor management using three phases:

  1. Pre engagement actions
  2. Initial engagement actions
  3. During engagement actions

The guide is relevant for any type of contractor engagement. Its been designed to assist with meeting the requirements of the parts of the WorkSafe Plan Audit that relate to contractor use. It goes without saying, that what’s in the WorkSafe Plan is what WorkSafe want to see.

Use our guide to consider whether your existing processes will achieve reasonably practicable AND auditable safety risk management with contractors.

For our Contractor Safety Management Guide visit our Guides and Resources Page.